GlossWerk Details | The ‘GlossWerk’ Detail
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The ‘GlossWerk’ Detail

Detailing with a difference


The strive for true perfection can be a complicated journey. We believe at GlossWerk Details our experience can help to not only achieve perfect results but sensibly manage the process to make it as cost-effective as possible.

A detail for the true connoisseur is simply a one-off, unique event. Our full process is listed below and is what we consider to be the minimum required for something truly breath taking.

If you require a ‘no stone left unturned’ approach we can also undertake many additional processes. Examples of this would be orange peel removal and panel wet sanding.

Working as a team with you, we can make the seemingly impossible dream a reality. No matter whether you need a show winning concourse car or are protecting a future investment we can help.

Car being detailed on mid rise

First Phase

  • Citrus Pre-Wash to remove stubborn dirt particles and traffic film.
  • Vehicle’s first rinse.
  • Ph neutral Snow Foam applied using a lance to encapsulate the remaining dirt particles and safely remove them from the surface.
  • Vehicle’s second rinse.
  • All door shuts and fuel cap are thoroughly cleaned.
  • A contact wash using a Ph neutral shampoo with a quality lambs wool wash-mitt is used on all panels and glass. This process is undertaken using the 2BM (Two Bucket Method) where the wash solution and rinse water are in separate buckets. This method is used by 90% of all detailers to minimise any wash marring.
  • Vehicle’s third rinse.
  • A two-stage decontamination is then undertaken. First, a chemical process using iron and tar removers. Secondly, the vehicle is mechanically decontaminated using a Clay Bar. This returns the painted surface to a super slick and clean finish.
  • Vehicles final rinse.


Second Phase


  • A complete drying process using both soft and absorbing drying towels. Any remaining water is blown out using an air drier.
  • The GlossWerk ‘Engine Bay Detailing’ is undertaken.
  • All wheels are safely removed and are treated to the GlossWerk ‘Wheels Off Ceramic Detailing.’
  • All arches, braking and suspension components are deep cleaned and sealed with specific ceramic coatings.
  • The vehicle is then prepared for the GlossWerk ‘Correction Detailing.’

Final Phase

  • Using specific products all glass is mechanically polished back to new and long-term water repellent ceramic coatings are applied.
  • The exhaust system is fully deep cleaned, polished to ‘as new’ and again sealed with a specific ceramic coating.
  • The GlossWerk ‘Interior Detailing’ is undertaken. Once deep cleaned all plastics are treated with specific ceramic-based long-term coatings. All carpets, fabrics and leather/alcantara are treated with protective coatings that repel all liquids and keep dirt from penetrating the surfaces.
  • A wide choice of ceramic coatings and hydrophobic ‘top coats’ are available to choose from to apply to the paintwork. All coatings are cured with IR lighting to ensure the best possible results in both appearance and performance are achieved.
  • After a further overnight curing process for the coating, the vehicle is rewashed and dried. A high gloss presentation product is applied.
  • The vehicle is ready for presentation.

Time taken for this process is a minimum of 7 days.

Our external partners are also available at discounted rates for PDR and Wheel Refurbishment.

The GlossWerk Detail comes with a free aftercare package, future discounts on our detailing services and completely free maintenance details for 2 years. We can also provide any pre-show and concourse details at discounted rates.