GlossWerk Details | Protection Detail
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Protection Detail

At GlossWerk Details we believe that comprehensively protecting a vehicles surface is ultimately the key to your enjoyment. Not having to worry about a slight scrape against a hedgerow on a narrow country lane, stuck behind large vehicles in wet conditions throwing what seems like everything at you or even an accidental mishap with overzealous children unaware of what your pride and joy means. Our Protection Detail can’t promise a zero damage approach but it certainly can mitigate against unwanted damage. Whilst protection is the key we believe our varied choice of coatings can offer a finish that you desire. Whether it be a warm, carnauba Wax glow or a sharp and reflective ‘glass like’ finish we have the products to achieve what you need.

Full Process

  • The GlossWerk Foundation Detail undertaken.
  • Full visual paint inspection.
  • The vehicle is then protected with the combined use of low tack masking tape and polythene sheeting. This protects sensitive areas from both the polishing process and associated residue.
  • If necessary a single stage enhancement or correction is undertaken to return the paint to a near perfect condition (please note, additional costs for either process may be applicable).
  • Dependent on both the initial condition of the paint and chosen coating combination the enhancement or correction process can be shortened. Specific pre-coating primers are used to further enhance the paint and assist in the coatings bonding process.
  • Upon completion of the polishing and priming stages, all excess residue is removed from the surfaces using Gyeon Prep. Any dust is blown out from the rest of the vehicle.
  • Final inspection of the finish on the paint and readiness for your choice of coating.
  • The vehicle is moved to a temperature controlled clean area for the coating application process.
  • The coating is carefully applied panel by panel under strict lighting conditions to ensure perfectly even coverage.
  • IR lamps are used to assist the coatings curing process.
  • After optimum curing times are achieved either further layers or a top coating are applied.
  • Following a final curing process, the vehicle is kept in a dry, temperature controlled environment for a further 12 hours for the coating to fully bond to the applied surfaces.

At this point, the vehicles paintwork is fully protected. A further set of detailed steps are undertaken to protect the rest of the vehicle.

  • A high gloss, finishing product is applied.
  • Alloy wheels are sealed and tyres dressed. (Ceramic and non-ceramic options available.)
  • All glass cleaned and a hydrophobic sealant applied.
  • All exterior plastics dressed. (Ceramic and non-ceramic options available.)
  • Exhaust tips and other chrome surfaces polished and sealed.
  • Final inspection and then to await presentation to the client.

Time for this process is usually between 1½ – 2 days dependant on condition.

Prices from £500

Optional add-ons.