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Paint Protection Film

Protection Film for Paint & Glass

The ‘Ultimate’ paint protection system is considered as the ‘holy grail’ in the detailing community. At GlossWerk Details, we think it certainly has arrived. The Llumar paint-protection film system delivers the results that simply exceed all expectations. A virtually invisible ‘second skin’ provides the best protection against stone chips, scratches and everyday wear and tear. With its specialist UV filters, it stops the harmful effects that the sun can have on painted surfaces. A self-healing ability means that a damage to the film can easily be rectified returning it to its original state. The film’s surface is designed to be extremely hydrophobic repelling dirt, dust and water giving the vehicle a fantastic ‘self-cleaning’ ability. Lastly, the film not only increases optical clarity but also significantly increases the gloss levels giving a simply stunning finish. Llumar is available in three versions Standard, Matte and Platinum. Standard and Matte come with a 5-year warranty whilst the Platinum option comes with 10 years. For more in-depth information visit the Llumar website. The link can be found here

Full Process

  • GlossWerk Foundation Detail undertaken.
  • Full visual paint inspection.
  • The vehicle is then protected with the combined use of low tack masking tape and polythene sheeting. This protects sensitive areas from both the polishing process and associated residue.
  • Single stage enhancement or correction is undertaken to return the paint to a near perfect condition.
  • Upon completion of the polishing stage all excess residue is removed from the surfaces using Gyeon Prep. Any dust is blown out from the rest of the vehicle.
  • Final inspection of the finish on the paint and readiness for paint protection film.
  • The vehicle is moved to a temperature controlled clean area for the fitting of the PPF
  • Using the latest Llumar software and a Graphtec plotter your choice of film is precisely cut and then applied on a panel by panel basis.
  • Additional hand trimming of film and application for parts outside the software parameters.
  • Quality control inspection.
  • Vehicle is carefully monitored whilst the PPF fully bonds to all applied surfaces.

At this point, the vehicle has a 5-10 year warrantied paint protection system. The following processes are undertaken to complete the detail.

  • A high gloss, PPF specific finishing product is applied.
  • Alloy wheels are sealed and tyres dressed.
  • All glass cleaned and a hydrophobic sealant applied.
  • Exhaust tips and other chrome surfaces polished and sealed.
  • Final inspection and then to await presentation to the client.

Optional add-ons. (Discounted rates apply when choosing a PPF option.)

Time for this process is usually 5+ days.

Price £ POA. (Subject to a 10% booking fee.)

Llumar PPF Matte options are also available.