GlossWerk Details | New Car Preparation
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New Car Preparation

The  purchase of a brand new car is often a huge financial commitment and with that you should be looking forward to receiving a perfect vehicle from the manufacturer. Whilst a great deal of care is taken by the car manufacturers to get these vehicles to your purchase point often a combination of physical and human factors can leave your brand new purchase in a less than satisfactory condition. At GlossWerk Details we can step in and remedy any aesthetic defects and give your vehicle a level of protection that it deserves. This is also a great choice should you be taking a vehicle on a leasing option. Our protection systems can often minimise any significant ‘wear and tear’ on the vehicles exterior and interior over the lease period and reduce the financial penalties applied upon its return.

New Car Preparation Process

  • The GlossWerk ‘Foundation Detail’ is undertaken.
  • The engine bay is inspected and if necessary decontaminated and cleaned.
  • All appropriate engine surfaces are protected with long term specific sealants.
  • Full inspection of the interior is undertaken and where necessary cleaned.
  • All interior surfaces are protected with anti UV sealants.
  • Visual inspection of paintwork is undertaken and following a consultation process corrective work can be carried out.

At this point, the vehicle is ready to start its journey with you in the best possible condition. A further set of detailing steps are undertaken before you collect your new purchase.


  • A premium Sealant or Wax is applied to the paint. (Extra layers and upgrades are available at an extra cost.)
  • Alloy wheels are sealed and tyres dressed.
  • All glass cleaned and a hydrophobic sealant applied.
  • All exterior plastics dressed.
  • Exhaust tips and other chrome surfaces polished and sealed.
  • Final inspection and then to await presentation to the client.

Time for this process is usually between 1½ – 2 days dependant on condition.

Prices (average) £350

Optional add-ons.

  • Wheels off ceramic Detail.
  • Fabric, leather and Alcantara long-term protection.
  • Ceramic coating application.
  • Paint protection film.