GlossWerk Details | Luxury Valet
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Luxury Valet

The GlossWerk Foundation Detail is at the core of our New Car Preparation, Enhancement Detail, Correction Detail, Ceramic Coating Detail and Ceramic Repair Detail. It is also available to book as a stand-alone detail. The goal of this Detail is to prepare all the vehicles exterior surfaces to be perfectly clean and free of any bonded contamination.

The Full Process

  • Citrus Pre-Wash to remove stubborn dirt particles and traffic film.
  • Vehicle’s first rinse.
  • Ph neutral Snow Foam applied using a lance to encapsulate the remaining dirt particles and safely remove them from the surface.
  • Alloy wheels are treated with non-acidic reactive fallout remover to release any imbedded brake dust particles.
  • Vehicle’s second rinse.
  • All arches, door shuts and fuel cap are thoroughly cleaned.
  • All wheel faces and barrels cleaned using Wheel Woolies and a dedicated Ph neutral wheel shampoo.
  • A contact wash using a Ph neutral shampoo with a quality lambs wool wash-mitt is used on all panels and glass. This process is undertaken using the 2BM (Two Bucket Method) where the wash solution and rinse water are in separate buckets. Each has a grit guard that traps any dirt at the bottom of each bucket and prevents it being reintroduced to the wash mitt. This method is used by 90% of all detailers to minimise any wash marring.
  • Vehicle’s third rinse.
  • A two-stage decontamination is then undertaken. First, a chemical process using iron and tar removers. Secondly, the vehicle is mechanically decontaminated using a Clay Bar. This returns the painted surface to a super slick and clean finish.
  • Vehicle’s final rinse.
  • A complete drying process using both soft and absorbing drying towels. Any remaining water is blown out using an air drier.

At this point, the vehicle is ready for any of our further detailing packages. If chosen as a standalone detail the final set of processes are now undertaken.

  • A Sealant or Wax is applied to the paint. (Extra layers and upgrades are available at an extra cost.)
  • Alloy wheels are sealed and tyres dressed.
  • All glass cleaned and a hydrophobic sealant applied.
  • All exterior plastics dressed.
  • Exhaust tips and other chrome surfaces polished and sealed.
  • Final inspection and then to await presentation to the client.

Time for this process is usually 1 day.

Prices (average) £150

Optional add-ons.