GlossWerk Details | Engine Bay Detail
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Engine Bay Detail

Hidden away from sight the ‘heart’ of the car is often overlooked. The engine bay can suffer from serious contamination from oils, dirt, dust, tar and brake particles. Whilst most modern cars do have some form of underside protection against the elements in truth the engine bay still gets very dirty quite quickly. A meticulously clean engine bay is not only a prerequisite for show and concourse cars but can vastly improve the value of the vehicle. It also is very much appreciated in the mechanic’s trade should any work need to be undertaken. We believe our Engine Bay Detail is the most comprehensive in the market and will restore the ‘like new’ factory look. The professional sealants that are applied to all areas are guaranteed to retain this look for longer and make any future cleaning as easy as possible.

Engine Bay Detail Process

  • The engine bay is treated with a combination of specialist degreasers and APC ( All Purpose Cleaner)
  • After an initial dwell time, all surfaces are gently agitated with the use of soft-bristled brushes to loosen any ingrained contamination.
  • A light misting of water is used to cleanse the engine bay.
  • A three-stage drying process is undertaken using plush microfibre towels, warm air blower and finally compressed air.
  • Any sound deadening fabrics are deep cleaned.
  • All exposed paintwork is carefully polished both by hand and using mini rotary tools.
  • Paintwork protected using a long-term hydrophobic sealant.
  • All non-heat sensitive plastic is rejuvenated back to the original factory appearance and then protected.
  • Any heat sensitive areas are protected with a specific ceramic sealant.
  • Any bright metal is lightly polished and protected with a specific metal sealant.

The Engine Bay Detail comes as standard when choosing our ‘GlossWerk Detail’ and can be added as an extra option for our other core details.

Unfortunately this is not available as a single, standalone option.

Time for this process is usually 1/2 a day.

Price (average) £50