GlossWerk Details | Ceramic Repair Detail
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Ceramic Repair Detail

At GlossWerk Details, we believe in offering unique solutions for vehicles that have had ceramic coatings applied. Upon initial receipt of a freshly coated car, the wow factor in terms of looks, water behaviour and self cleaning ability is second to none. Most if not all ceramic coatings either come with a warranty or a guide to the durability of the product. This however really only indicates the length of time the paint can be expected to be protected for. In reality, any coating will over time deteriorate both in looks and performance.  The complex ceramic matrix can show wash marring and swirl marks the same as found on an unprotected paint surface. Also as the matrix becomes damaged it loses any efficiency to ‘self-clean’ as the hydrophobic properties are vastly diminished. At this point we can intervene and restore the coating and its associated properties back to day one and with a substantial saving compared to a reapplication of a new ceramic coating.

Ceramic Detail Full Process

  • The GlossWerk ‘Foundation Detail’ is undertaken. (The use of clay to mechanically remove contamination is omitted. This prevents any further reduction in levels of the current ceramic coating.)
  • A full visual coating inspection is undertaken.
  • All dents, stone chips and paint damage that can’t be addressed with our Ceramic Repair Detail are recorded.
  • The vehicle is then protected with the combined use of low tack masking tape and polythene sheeting. This protects sensitive areas from both the repair process and associated residue.
  • The existing coating is rejuvenated using complex SiO2 polymers with the use of a machine polisher.
  • At this stage, the repair layers are left to fully bond with the existing coating before a final inspection is undertaken.
  • Finally, a hydrophobic ‘topcoat’ is applied and the vehicle is contained in a sterile environment for 12-24 hrs.

At this point the vehicles coating has been fully restored to ‘as new.’ The gloss, water behaviour and ‘self cleaning’ properties are back to optimum levels. Now an extra set of processes are undertaken to improve the rest of the vehicles appearance.

  • Alloy wheels are sealed and tyres dressed.
  • All glass cleaned and a hydrophobic sealant applied.
  • All exterior plastics dressed.
  • Exhaust tips and other chrome surfaces polished and sealed.
  • Final inspection and then to await presentation to the client.

Optional add-ons