GlossWerk Details | The Cost of Poor Vehicle Maintenance
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The Cost of Poor Vehicle Maintenance

The Cost of Poor Vehicle Maintenance

As a car, professional detailer at GlossWerk Details we pride ourselves on the services we provide to our customers ranging all across the North West, from Manchester to North Wales.

There are some cars that have spent their life with us, their proud owners have brought them to be valeted/detailed and maintained by GlossWerk Details since they first got their registration plate. Other cars come to us a bit later in life, either due to a change of owner or due to a period of poor maintenance and neglect.

From time to time our pricing and service is questioned, not by our customers but in general. People are right when they say they can get their car cleaned at a hand wash for £5 and for certain people and vehicles it is likely a good option.

However, these services are a short-term fix and sometimes can create a long-term problem – the high volume and quick turnaround means they can charge low prices but the finish you receive is a short term one, meaning you’ll visit more frequent. More importantly, the service you receive may actually be detrimental to your vehicle, creating blemishes and paint swirls that over time will become very noticeable on your vehicle, leading us on to the point of this blog.

On average, a 3-year-old high performance vehicle – in this case a BMW M3, in the used car market can have a price swing of around £3,500 dependent on its condition. IF the owner of this car opted for our ‘The works Valet’ package every quarter, costing them £240 per year or £720 over the ownership time of the vehicle, this could ensure they were not only £2,780 better off but spent the ownership of that vehicle driving it in its best condition. Even if this was paired with an exterior wash every month, at £20 a wash for the additional 8 months of the year, that’s a cost of £400 per year or £1200 over the ownership time of the vehicle, again, based on the figures provided, ensuring an additional £2,300 whilst owning the best-looking BMW M3 in the North West…

If this was the kind of maintenance plan you were looking to pursue, we can build a subscription model based on your needs in order to save you money and maintain your vehicle at the optimum time, giving it an all year round shine.

If you have purchased a car recently if its new or used and want to ensure it is at its best and then maintaining going forward, we offer various paint detailing packages and leather restoration services. An idea of our costs can be found on our Mobile Valeting/Detailing pages

If you are interested in a quote then click below to find out more.